Struggling to Sell My House Fast Dallas

I Want to Sell My House Fast, But No One Is Buying: 5 Reasons Why
Trying to sell your house fast, but not getting any serious bites?

You want to sell your house. You may even have it listed with a real estate agent, or have a “for sale by owner” sign in the yard. You hear the housing market is still good in the news, but no one seems serious about buying your home. You may have had a showing or two, or a real estate agent calling you, but no realistic offers have come in. Why is that, what can you do about it?

Five reasons your home may not be selling…

1. Visibility
One of the biggest challenges in selling real estate today is getting noticed. There are so many house listings today, perhaps even bordering on oversaturation in some areas. Buyers are incredibly busy, and only have time to glance at the very top listings. Agents are often very careful to only show three to five homes to their clients and those which pay the most commission.

Real estate agents want to get paid well, and don’t want to confuse buyers with too many options. Though, sometimes they’ll show an uglier, outdated, or overpriced home to make their other listings look better. Don’t expect success with a single sign, or a basic Craigslist ad with only a couple of pictures. For this reason, many people looking to sell their house fast are getting proactive about reaching out to active local buyers, instead of waiting to get found.

2. Property Condition
With lots of new housing stock coming into the market, home buyers are being very particular. It’s hard enough to save for a down payment. Most don’t want to have to come out of pocket with more cash to make improvements. If it’s not beautiful and has few green or smart home features many buyers will just pass it up as out of date.

3. Unknown Dangers
One of the good and bad things about the internet era we live in is how much news and fake news has spread. Home buyers are more alert to potential issues like mold, faulty foundation, poisonous drywall, and old meth labs. Unfortunately, they may not know how to look for or spot these issues, so they get frozen with uncertainty, or default to the property which instantly gives them the most confidence. Or, it could be other visual issues that you are overlooking, like low hanging powerlines.

4. Neighbors
Your neighbors can really make or break your house appeal and whether you’ll be able to sell your house fast in Dallas and Fort Worth. How do they keep their homes up? Do their homes and front yards look friendly and welcoming when prospective buyers drive by your house?

5. Price
The most common issue in the current market is overpriced homes. Many people are eager to cash out of their homes before the market turns. Yet, owners and agents are far overpricing homes. At the right price every home will sell, and quickly. If it is overpriced, it will get ignored and most won’t try to see it or make an offer as they believe the owner is being unrealistic. They don’t want to have to try and convince you of that. They are just going to move on to the next listing that is priced more accurately.

This can be a smart time to sell a home, but there can be challenges, too. You might have to make some tweaks, or find someone qualified who will buy as-is. You may need to take another look at what similar homes are really selling for, not just what homeowners and real estate agents are asking for.

Then reach out to local Dallas real estate investors to see if they are interested; maybe you can even find someone who offers cash for houses in Dallas.

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