How To Sell My Land Fast In Texas

Want to sell land fast in North Texas?

Have land in the DFW area?  What challenges are there to a speedy sale? What is the best way to sell land fast while prices are still up?

Prime Time to Sell in Texas

It’s a great time to sell land in the DFW area. Analysts are reporting a softening in prime markets like New York City and San Francisco. That means more inventory, longer marketing times, slowing sales, and softening sales prices. It’s a sizable shift that is likely to once again sweep the country. It may not have hit Texas yet, and that is good news if you can sell your property quickly.

Once more buyers become fearful, more sellers flood the market with inventory, agents slash prices, interest rates go up again, and then it may become a tough time to sell. But there is still a window of opportunity at this peak to cash out.

The Challenges to Selling Land Fast

Of course just because it is a ripe time to sell your land doesn’t mean there aren’t any challenges. Whether you’ve got a small lot for a house or a 20 acre commercial real estate parcel there can be additional challenges with selling vacant land.

This might include:

  • Separation of property rights (oil, gas, timber, water, and usage rights)
  • Illegal use of your land by others
  • Poorly kept and prepared property
  • Code violations and debts
  • Lack of motivation to sell by agents

Unless your lot is next door to your home it is unlikely you stop by every day to make sure it is maintained. That can bring many issues from illegal use to challenges to your ownership and giving up access rights. Some unscrupulous property managers may enjoy use of your property and may not be motivated to help you sell it. For real estate agents land sales are generally less attractive than other improved properties, which can mean they don’t try as hard to move them. Many buyers may also want or need to perform in depth inspections, environmental reports, and to obtain zoning changes before they wish to or can close. These can take a lot of time.

How to Sell Your Land Faster

There are ways to sell land by yourself without a real estate agent, and to speed up the process.

You can put up your own for sale signs in most cases. You can clear your land for the next buyer. You can get zoning changes approved or commission plans for a new home or commercial property. You may even offer owner financing or see if your neighbors are interested.

Then there is another option which just cuts right to the end goal. Selling directly to a cash paying local investor. DFW Sell Fast specializes in buying DFW property. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we don’t need you to fix anything, change anything, or spend any money on marketing the property. We will buy the property just as it is, for cash. And we can close in just a few days.

That means no guessing if your marketing or listing will ever work, no worries about missing the best time to sell, and no having to shell out more money in hopes of getting some back.

Contact us now and let us make a cash offer for your land today… 817-601-7777

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