5 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal for Under $100

Whether you are a military family from the Dallas Fort Worth area or if you live just outside the city, sprucing up the exterior of your home needs to be a budget conscious project. If you need some motivation, consider this: simple makeovers for less than $100 can convince people to buy your house for a couple thousand more. Don’t believe us? Try it and see the result. Here’s some ideas to try real fast:

If your front yard lacks flowers, shrubs, ivy or succulents, then buy them and plant them. Large retail chains and dollar stores carry inexpensive real and artificial flora and fauna products. An easy planting method for both real and artificial plantings are to put them in cheap pots and place the whole thing in the ground. You can create a flower bed without planting seeds and waiting for growth. Buy real or artificial flowers, dig a hole, place them close to each other and cover the base up. Buy ivy trellises at yard sales or make them yourself and place real or fake ivy onto them for a sophisticated look. From the streets, people will be amazed at the beauty of your yard.

Clean The Driveway:
Dallas Fort Worth‘s changing temperatures, age or heavy traffic can cause cracks, dirt and stains to driveways and walkways. A tired driveway can be refreshed by first cleaning it, then applying a water based concrete epoxy/acrylic mixed paint with a long handled brush or a paint sprayer. Apply a least two coats and let it sit for a couple of days before parking the car on it or if a walkway, before foot traffic begins. Don’t be afraid of color, asphalt or concrete driveways or walkways can be red, brown, gray, adobe, tan and many other options.

Mailbox and Numbers:
Add a new mailbox and a mailbox post or change your house number for less than $100. There are stylish and fun features to add to a mailbox, like a decorative shingle with the house number on it. Keep the paint colors neutral or the additions simple, because potential home buyers may not necessarily agree with your style.

Update Front Entryway:
Front doors instantly catch the eye of people from the street. Polish its fixtures, refinish or repaint the door if needed. Paint the front door with colors that match the house, by going lighter or darker than the color scheme of your home. Placing a lovely wreath on the door is appealing or a decorative plague and add a colorful welcome mat. Also paint any porch columns and front door frames.

Screens and Windows:
Windows and screens add appeal when presented clean and in good condition. First clean the exterior windows, then paint the window frames or shutters. Clean window screens, replace or repair them if they are worn looking or contain holes. Painting screens is also an option, especially if you spray paint them. For screen repairs, there are screen patch repair kits that are cheap to buy and work very well.

Miscellaneous Improvements:
Other inexpensive upgrades for a nice curbside view of your Dallas Fort Worth home, involves keeping the lawn mowed with a cleanly designed edging. Fix or replace exterior light fixtures with cost saving LED lighting which can cast a soft glow onto the house at night and to make it safer. In order to save a few pennies, use light fixtures that match your current mounting system.

Selling Your Home
If you’re ready to see the results of your curb appeal enhancements or if you have any questions, fill out the free form below and let us show you how much you can earn!

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