Trying To Sell A House During Back To School Season

What’s the best way to sell your house in DFW as back to school season hits?

Is back to school season a good time to be selling your house in Dallas Fort Worth? What challenges might there be at this time of year? What are the best options for getting your home sold fast, and for the most money?

Is This the Last Chance to Get the Best Price for Your Texas Home?
We’re at a pivotal time in the housing market. There are several factors which could dampen sales prices ahead. And for many that could make the next few weeks the optimal moment to sell their North Texas homes.

For a start there is the seasonal, annual slowdown that kicks in as back to school season fades. According to the National Association of Realtors that typically results in a 16.4% drop in the real estate market in September. In November it can mean a further 8% fall, and then a double digit dip in January. Texas may not see such harsh swings thanks to having far more moderate falls and winters than other states. But it is a factor everyone thinking about selling a home should be prepared for.

NAR also reports that the US homeownership rate continued to fall in the second quarter of 2016. It is believed that this is due to tough lenders, and soaring home prices, as well as a lack of wage growth. Homes are just getting too expensive for regular Americans.

With expectations of a new fed interest rate hike in September, and more to come, the ability to buy homes is going to contract. It also means that home buyers will have to pay more for the same homes, or owners will have to sell them for less in order for the same borrowers to qualify for home loans.

The Challenges of Selling Your Home in Back to School Season
According to the Dallas Business Journal DFW home prices have risen over 43% during the last few years. That makes this an amazing time to sell and capitalize on the equity you have built up in your home. Of course that doesn’t always make it easy.

If you are reading this before the fall school season starts you still have a chance to capitalize on the motivated buyers in a rush to get settled into their school districts. The later in the season it gets the more frantic some buyers may be. Yet, also the fewer buyers that are left, and the more competing homes stacking up on the market, as well as the more agents and owners slashing their asking prices to cut deals before it is too late.

What if I Have to Sell?
You may not have a choice. You may be in foreclosure, be about to fall behind on payments, or perhaps you already bought another home or are in the process of doing it and don’t want to be juggling two sets of housing payments and mortgages.

If you are in this situation definitely take advantage of tax free sales for everything you can. Keep any extra cash you can so that you can maintain your payments and options. Take action to sell your house fast while there are interested buyers, and before prices dip. Look for cash buyers that can and will close quickly with few contingencies.

Have a home you are interested in selling? Get in touch with DFW Sell Fast today and get a cash offer on your home…817-601-7777.

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