Survive the Post-Election Home Sales Surge and Sell Your House Fast

The financial markets and gold prices have rebounded fast after news of the Trump election win, but what help is there for those asking “how do I sell my house quick now?”

The media has been captivated with the election for months, even cutting into weeks of what is normally filled with early Black Friday sales hype. Regardless of who we all voted for it is time to get on with dealing with the pressing personal issues in our lives. So how is the election result likely to impact the US real estate market; and specifically, those seeking to sell their homes?

Many are clearly not happy with the result. Many swore they would sell up and head off to another country if Trump won the election. He did. That could be a surge in competition among motivated home sellers looking to make that move quick. Meanwhile, Trump supporters could be increasing their stake in the market, believing he’ll be great for real estate.

An increase in homes for sale means competition for homeowners. It may even soften prices. Any rise in interest rates now that the uncertainty of the election is over could cramp buyers’ ability to get home loans too. Compounded with the seasonal slowdown in home sales and softening of prices, and sellers could find that they longer they wait to ink a deal, the less they get.

So, how do you sell, and reel in fast home offers when facing a surge in competition? In our next post we’ll dig into the data on the chances of selling by owner versus using an agent, and the dangers of taking the DIY route to repairs versus hiring a professional. For those of you that can’t wait; just know that selling a home without a Realtor, is possible. It’s just not as common as you might think. The numbers also show that while reality TV has made fixing up houses fashionable, a significant percentage of buyers aren’t interested in buying a place they have to do work on.

If you’ve got to sell, and you are better off selling sooner rather than later, there are some proactive steps to take. There are some investors who will buy homes in any condition as-is, and may have the ability to pay all cash. You may find some of them online, and be able to request fast home offers. Just look for someone reputable.

Of course, most importantly; let’s hope that our nation can quickly get back to normal, and that any protesting will be non-violent, and will not victimize neighbors and business owners with property damage.

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