Sell my own house: Choosing the Right Buyer

Selling Real Estate By Owner: Choosing the Right Buyer
Your main priority may be to sell your house fast and for top dollar, but does it matter who your buyer is?

Choosing the right buyer is far more important than many realize when selling real estate by owner. So what can go wrong if you choose the wrong buyer for your Dallas property? What should Texas home owners be looking for in a buyer?

The Importance of Vetting Your Buyers

The most obvious concern when signing a contract to sell your Dallas property, especially when you need to sell your house fast, is if that buyer can and actually will follow through and close on time. If they don’t (which happens too often) that means you miss the best buyers and opportunities to sell. You may run out of time if you are in a foreclosure situation. At a minimum other prospective buyers will just assume there is something wrong and undesirable about your property. They will likely skip seeing it altogether. If they make an offer at all, it will probably be far, far short of what you want and need. Then there are the costs and time involved in remarketing your home and going through the process with a new potential buyer.

Today there are even more concerns with mortgage and real estate fraud and money laundering. What if your buyer drags you into a fraud case or pays with dirty money? It isn’t going to be fun having the FBI in your house and workplace investigating. It can ruin your life, even if you get to keep the money and are found innocent.

Choosing the Right Buyer When Repairs are Needed

Selecting a great buyer is even more critical when your property may need repairs. There are buyers who will accept buying the property as-is. However, you do want to make sure they are going to make the appropriate repairs and updates. Why does that matter? What if they simply slap some paint on a home that has dangerous mold or wiring problems and then rent it or sell it to someone else? You don’t want anyone getting hurt. You certainly don’t want those lawsuits coming back to you if your buyer denies knowing about them. It may be best to sell your property as-is, but you want a buyer who will do a good job preparing a safe home for future residents too.

What to Look for

With the mortgage industry still struggling finding cash buyers for your home can make a big difference. That speeds up the sale, and means they have no excuses not to close. Then look for buyers who have a good reputation and the experience to renovate your property to provide a great home for the next family.

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