Sell a House Fast in Dallas During a Buyers’ Market

Tips to Sell Your House Fast in a Buyers’ Market

Now that large swathes of the nation have turned into a buyers’ market for real estate, how can you sell your house fast and avoid a financial loss?

It’s no secret that rent has been falling in San Francisco, and that other major metros are expected to begin seeing falling home values this year.

Even Dallas, TX which may still have some room for growth has been deemed to now be in a buyers’ market according to Zillow.

That mean the advantage is on the buyer’s side when negotiating real estate sales.

The beginning of this downward trend is putting increased pressure on property owners to sell sooner versus later, and to avoid having to sell at an even lower price later, or get stuck in an underwater situation.

The question is, how to you sell your house fast in Dallas during unfavorable conditions like this?


The Challenges of Selling Your House Fast in Dallas
If you need to sell, or have been thinking of selling a house in the next few years, this may absolutely be the best time to do it.

Otherwise the potential sales price may keep decreasing, while the property incurs more maintenance expenses, and sellers miss out on the best rates and options to move into something else, especially once mortgage lenders and banks begin tightening up to curb their own losses.

However, this is also a more challenging time to sell due to increased competition from other homeowners who are also under pressure to sell their house fast in Dallas.

Meanwhile regular home buyers begin getting scared off, because they don’t want to buy something which is going down in value, especially when renting may soon become a lot cheaper.
How to Get Your House Ready to Sell
For those going the conventional route of using a real estate agent to sell, there can be significant prep work to do.

You need to be able to compete and stand out against the best homes, while offering a better deal.

This may include making improvements and repairs, repainting, re-landscaping, and even staging the home with new furniture and appliances.

Then consider what perks can be offered. Will you offer a big bonus to agents who can sell your house fast?

How about at least covering the buyer’s closing costs, and offering a big new flat screen?
If you’ll be using an agent, it is vital to be diligent and really dig in to find that top 1 percent which are really good at what they do, and who are motivated enough to really invest themselves in helping you sell.

There are good agents out there, they are just few and far between, especially if you need to sell your house fast.
Still they may face many challenges themselves, as their own business may be shrinking.

You’ll experience this as you try to sell your home without a realtor. The chances of luring and hooking a viable buyer out there today is much tougher than it used to be.

There is too much noise. Don’t expect to get far, fast, by throwing up your own DIY website or running online ads.

There are millions to choose from, and others are spending millions to get their properties noticed.
With even Dallas area home prices up now almost 70 percent over 2008, and almost double the prices in 2012, there is the potential for a very sizable drop in property value as a new correction takes hold.

Texas may not feel it as quickly as other states, but it does already appear to be in the works.

This news is going to make it tougher to sell houses fast and at a desired price for more regular homeowners.

There are challenges, but there are also options.

Going the old-school realtor route or trying to sell solo by marketing your own property may not be affordable.

But there are now some Texas investors willing to pay cash, and close fast, and purchase homes in their current as-is condition.

Save yourself time and headaches, by reaching out to us directly to get a free offer on your home to see what you can get if you need to sell your house fast.

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