What Are Disclosures and Why Are They So Important When Selling Your House in Dallas/Fort Worth

The law requires specific disclosures about the property with every home sales transaction wherein the owner makes a statement regarding any issues you are aware of that could affect the full enjoyment or value of the property. These sellers’ disclosures include information for the safety and protection of the new occupants, such as lead paint in older homes. A professional inspection should reveal any issues or problems in the disclosure. However, if the passing of time should reveal a problem missed during the inspection, you may still be held legally responsible.

As time passes and life changes, homeowners need to remember the disclosures they received when they purchased the house. However, when homeowners have work performed without permits, disclosure laws can become a problem. Failure to think ahead to the day they will sell can be much more costly than the money saved by taking shortcuts to perform renovation or repairs. So read on as we discuss disclosures and why they are so important when selling your house in Dallas/Fort Worth.


Sellers’ disclosures are important when selling your house in Dallas/Fort Worth because they act as legal protection for you as the seller. Disclosures also protect the buyer, informing them of faults or issues with the home or surroundings. Disclosures should include anything that takes away from the full enjoyment of a home. If an issue like odors from nearby manufacturing or loud sounds from airport flight paths has impacted your enjoyment of the property, it is likely you should disclose the matter.


Disclosures are also important when selling your house in Dallas/Fort Worth because it provides the buyers with the information they need to plan for future repairs on the property. In addition, an inspection contingency gives the buyers the right to have the home inspected during a given time period. Depending on the findings, they may negotiate for repair, repair credit ($) or walk away from the deal altogether.

Mandatory Disclosures

There are exclusions to mandatory sellers’ disclosures that may vary state by state and even in different counties. By understanding what you are legally permitted to omit, your home may be easier to sell or sell for more than if the buyers were aware of the excluded information when selling your house in Dallas/Fort Worth. If you should find yourself on the fence about disclosure, it is always best to err on the side of caution and make the disclosure.

Legal Consequences

When selling your house in Dallas/Fort Worth, you must understand the laws surrounding your disclosures to avoid costly legal consequences and the emotional turmoil accompanying them. Actively concealing defects is fraught with legal risk. You face a potential lawsuit for recovery of damages from negligence, fraud, or misrepresentation, among other causes of action. 

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